Make a Mug Experience


Make a Mug Experience

Fowler's Clay Works offers hands on pottery lessons! Try your hand at the pottery wheel in a lesson from one of our Instructors. A class is $55 per person, this includes the shipping cost, materials, and the class itself. Maximum class size is four students, for parties larger than four contact Fowler’s Clay Works directly.

The students will begin by following along to an instructor lead lesson, then students will create their own pot with as much or as little instructor assistance wanted. Students will first be given a practice piece and then a final piece. At student’s request, the instructor will assist in shaping a handle to their piece. Personalize the surface of your new favorite souvenir from the height, to the shape, surface and even the final glaze color. The final product will be a unique and interesting piece that is microwave, dishwasher and oven safe.

Pot Made In This Class: Mug

Time Frame: Approximately 1-2 hours for The Make a Pot Experience.

Due to volume of pots & the firing processes involved students usually receive their finished pot/s via USPS in approximately twelve weeks from their class date.

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