Can children take the class? 

Absolutely! You're never too young to try something new!

What is the maximum amount of students per class?

We usually keep to 4 students per class. If your party is larger than that please contact us directly through our Facebook page

Are there discounts? 

We offer military discounts of 10% on purchase and 10% off in store merchandise for our students.

Do you accept credit/ debit cards? 

Yes! We accept Discover, Mastercard, Visa and Cash.

What should I wear to my class? 

Wear clothes you don't mind getting a little muddy (it washes out!). We provide aprons for adults and children, as well as a towel for every student. 

Can I wear jewelry?

To throw on the wheel watches, bracelets, and rings should be removed.

Do I need to tie my hair back?

Yes! If you have longer hair we advise you to tie it back so when you lean into the wheel it doesn't get in the clay. 

When do I pay for the class?

Once your class is complete and you're happy with your vessel and your experience!

How many glaze options are there? Can I put two glazes on one vessel? 

In our shop we have twelve glaze options, please remember each piece is unique and your piece will not look exactly the same as the one on the shelf. Unfortunately due to the specific glazing technique we use we cannot put multiple glazes on one vessel. Please look at the Glaze Options page for photos of glazes.