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To book your pottery experience select which choice fits your needs, select a date on the calendar and the available times will appear. Select a time and date that works for you, select continue. You will then be prompted to enter your name, phone number, email and your shipping information.

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We can accommodate most individual needs. Please see our Accessibility Information.


 Accessibility Information

Potter’s Wheel Accessibility

The Fowlers Family is committed to providing a safe and comfortable learning environment for all our Participants. Our instructors can modify the arrangement of the wheel, placement of hands, ext for each Participant. Please notify us of any accessibility needs at prior to arrival.

Fowler’s Calming Class

The Fowlers Family has created the Calming Class with the purpose of helping our Participants with special needs, who may experience sensory overload in a large class. The Calming Class is a quiet, relaxing environment where the Participant and his/her family can feel safe and at ease while enjoying their Smoky Mountain Experience.

The room is equipped with sensory items such as a blinds on windows, ear muffs and a personalized experience. To find out more information please email in advance of your visit to speak with a member of the Fowlers Family.